Greetings . . .

Welcome to my portfolio!  I’ve been involved in content strategy, knowledge management, information management and things digital ranging almost 20 years. A librarian by training, I live to organize things (my kitchen even has a “things that strain” section). I’m all about helping people find things. My strengths lie in taxonomy and metadata, but I also have extensive experience in overall content strategy development, governance, and working with technical teams on implementation.

The examples found throughout this portfolio are just that: examples. Depending on the project and client need, I will entirely rework deliverables as appropriate. All client names have been redacted and some documents will contain only a table of contents and an introduction. This not meant to frustrate the reader, but to offer an understanding of these documents without compromising my current (and past) clients.

Content strategists work with many different teams and create a variety of deliverables. To help people understand the interrelationships between content strategy activities, associated deliverables and team partners, I’ve created a few mind maps to present a visual representation of these relationships.

  • Content Strategy Deliverables. Key documents that are provided as part of a content strategy engagement.
  • Content Strategy Activities. Clusters the activities and tasks which inform deliverables.
  • Content Strategy Activities-Partners. The same mind map as above, indicating primary partners (teams) that a content strategist would work with as part of a project. Note that these are primary only. A content strategist may work with multiple teams to complete a deliverable. For example, a personalization strategy would require inputs from the client, information technology and user experience.

My resume is also available for viewing.

If you have any questions about me, my experience, or this portfolio – please do not hesitate to contact me.




Photo: Maine Coast. Kittery Point, ME